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Aerial Public Safety Video Systems

Geospatial Full Motion Video Recorders, Moving Map Systems and Situational Awareness Mission Software for Airborne Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue and Surveillance Operations

Remote GeoSystems offers Airborne Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue and ISR camera operators several COTS & custom advanced, mil-spec, multi-channel geospatial digital video recorders and mission mapping systems for aerial surveillance and evidence management.

The geoDVR records video feeds directly from your aircraft’s gimbal or fixed-mount video cameras while simultaneously logging the GPS data with the video file.

Airborne Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue (SAR) and Wildland Fire Fighting teams will appreciate the reliable and rugged simplicity of the geoDVR’s geo-synchronized HD and FLIR infrared (IR) multi-channel video recording capability.

Geo-referenced video from the geoDVR can be live-streamed to LineVision software or added/uploaded after the mission, providing a simple solution for common operating picture (COP) and situational awareness allowing specialists to geographically interact and review mission activities and data.

LineVision works with all kinds of geo-referenced video and photo data from EO/IR gimbal camera systems to patrol vehicles and body-worn video cameras.

No GIS software or extensive technical mapping skills are needed to get the job done!

Airborne Public Safety Capabilities

  • Log GPS and time data with video
  • Flexible Mission Display Configuration – No additional multipexing hardware required!
  • Connects to most new and older gimbal video camera systems
  • Record multiple channels from HD & SD EO/IR gimbal sensors
  • Upload mission plans with alerting and custom maps
  • Live viewing of video with aircraft and camera target* positions on a map
  • Post-mission viewing of geotagged video and photos locations in LineVision
  • Custom-configure geoDVR interface to your preferred layout

Airborne Public Safety Solutions

Geospatial Full Motion Video Recorders for Airborne Public Safety

Our geoDVR family of rugged video recorders and moving maps is a mission-enhancing geospatial video and MISB FMV data collection system for capturing continuously geo-referenced video and audio from both new and existing airborne EO/IR gyrostabilized gimbal cameras.

Mapping and Surveillance Software Applications for Airborne Public Safety

Our LineVision software has sets the standard for user-friendly, integrated mission mapping solutions ideal for airborne public safety operations needing live and post-flight geospatial video/photo viewing, analysis, reporting, archive and search.

geoDVRs & Modules for Airborne Public Safety

Our geoDVR video systems are available in different form factors and configurations to meet a variety of in-flight aerial law enforcement, SAR and surveillance camera/sensor integrations and workflows.

Our optional geoDVR modules offer scalable and enhanced in-flight mission capabilities for aerial public safety operations.

LineVision Software for Airborne Public Safety

Our LineVision software offers flexible options for building and sharing interactive post-flight aerial public safety intelligence and situational awareness deliverables with georeferenced video and photos.

Airborne Public Safety Applications

  • Search & Rescue (SAR)
  • Narcotics & Contraband Interdiction
  • Target & Subject Surveillance
  • Video Location Evidence Management
  • Open Ocean Vessel Monitoring
  • Anti-Piracy Patrols
  • Aerial Anti-Poaching Efforts
  • Long-range Offshore Patrols

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