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Drill Down Waypoint Descriptions

The Drill Down Waypoint Descriptions module builds on our classic Waypoint Keywords module functionality by allowing users to now set-up a “tree structure” workflow, where based on the initial waypoint selected will then present them with options based on that specific selection.

For example, selecting “Insulators” may present the user with additional keywords of Glass Insulator, Ceramic Insulator, etc. This can go as deep as the user wishes.

There is a Waypoint Menu Builder wizard that easily walks the user through the custom set up and saving and they can even save multiple different mission profiles to call up as needed before flight. Say one profile for routine patrols and another profile for comprehensive patrols.

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Compatible geoDVR Models

The following geoDVR models support the optional Drill-down Waypoint Descriptions Module for advanced survey, inspection and patrol video recording and location metadata collection.

Compatible Geospatial LineVision Software

The following LineVision software versions support the optional Drill-down Waypoint Descriptions module.

Other geoDVR Modules

Explore other optional geoDVR modules for enhanced in-flight mission capabilities and metadata capture requirements for a variety of geospatial full motion video data collection applications.

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