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Professional Geospatial Data Collection Recorders for Logging GPS Metadata with Video & Audio Files

From manned aircraft, BVLOS drones to subsea ROV projects, the geoDVR™ “geospatial digital video recorder” platform has been field proven through thousands of hours of geo-referenced video and FMV in harsh environments.

The rugged reliability, modular upgrades, multi-camera geo-referencing capabilities and simple user interface make the geoDVR systems the leading choice for long-duration, professional survey, inspection & security video/audio recording applications.

Sharing many of the same great features and options as the geoDVR, we now also offer the industry-first geoDSR™ “geospatial digital sound recorder” for continuously geotagged audio-only recording applications.

geoDVR™ Geospatial Full Motion Video Recorders

Our geoDVR family of rugged video recorders is the industry-leading geospatial video and an MISB FMV data collection system for capturing geo-referenced video and audio from nearly any survey, inspection and surveillance platforms.

geoDSR™ Geospatial Digital Audio Recorders

Our geoDSR family of rugged audio recorders is the only professional geospatial audio data collection system for capturing geo-referenced audio and sound files from survey, inspection and surveillance platforms.

Related Software

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