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Aerial Power Line Inspection Video Solutions

Geospatial Full Motion Video Recorders, Moving Maps and Integrated Mapping Software for Aerial Power Line Inspection, Survey & Patrol Operations

Aerial power line inspection operators across the globe use our industry-leading airborne geoDVR™ geospatial video recorders to geotag video from multiple camera sensors for comprehensive asset inspections, routine right-of-way patrols and storm/disaster response.

Our rugged geoDVR systems eliminate in-flight manual note-taking and post-flight GPS/video data processing which drastically reduces reporting time.

Whether using just a hand-held IR/UV camera, fixed-mount cameras or an aircraft-mounted multi-sensor gyro-stabilized gimbal, our geoDVRs allow observers to easily to record, annotate and continuously geotag video for playback and analysis with mapping and GIS software applications.

Georeferenced video files created by the geoDVR are easy to view and analyze in our LineVision suite of GIS video mapping software, including tools for Esri ArcGIS, Google Earth, PLS-CADD and our browser-based LineVision Online application.

Using LineVision, aircraft operators, transmission line engineers and GIS analysts can immediately review georeferenced videos and high-resolution oblique still photos with maps and create interactive and immersive “geoProject™” reports that can be shared and collaborated on with utility stakeholders, clients and vendors.

Aerial Utility Inspection Solutions

Geospatial Full Motion Video Recorders for Aerial Power Line Inspections

Our geoDVR family of rugged video recorders is the industry-leading geospatial video and MISB FMV data collection system for capturing continuously geo-referenced video and audio from both fixed-mount and purpose-built multi-sensor powerline inspection gimbal cameras.

Geospatial Inspection Software Suite for Aerial Power Line Inspections

Since 2011, our LineVision software suite has set the standard for airborne utility operations needing a user-friendly, enterprise-grade mapping solution for post-flight geospatial video/photo viewing, analysis, reporting, archive and search.

geoDVR Recorders for Aerial Power Line Inspection

Our geoDVR systems are available in different form factors and configurations to meet a variety of in-flight aerial powerline inspection camera sensor integrations and workflows.

Our optional geoDVR modules offer flexible and scalable capabilities for meeting enhanced in-flight asset metadata capture requirements for aerial powerline inspections & right-of-way patrols.

LineVision Software for Aerial Power Line Inspection

Our LineVision software offers flexible options for building and sharing interactive powerline inspection & right-of-way georeferenced video and photo deliverables, including support for the rapidly-growing, industry-standard geoProject™ format.

Aerial Power Line Inspection Applications

  • Comprehensive Inspections Using High-Res Still Photos, High Definition (HD), Infrared (IR) & Corona (UV) Video
  • Wildfire Mitigation & Prevention
  • Storm Outage Assessment & Restoration
  • Vegetation Patrols & Danger Identification
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Public Engagement & PUC Approvals
  • Utility Pilot & Aerial Lineman Safety Training
  • Right-of-Way Maintenance Vendor Services Contract Bidding
  • Physical Electric Grid Security Assesments

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