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LineVision Esri ArcMap Add-in

Add-in for User-friendly Playback of Multi-channel Geotagged Full Motion Video in Esri's ArcMap Software
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Featuring Support for Mapping Action Camera & Mobile Phone Videos in Professional GIS Software
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Support Data Fusion Deliverables with geoProjects with Multiple Geotagged Media Data Types from Other LineVision Software Versions
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Featuring Support for Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) Cameras & Pipeline Leak Detection Systems (LDS)
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Starting at $59/month

Our LineVision ArcMap Add-in offers a flexible solution for playback, mapping, reporting and data packaging with geotagged videos, MISB FMV/STANAG 4609-spec videos, photos and other files from survey, inspection and surveillance projects using the world's most popular professional GIS software.

Our LineVision Esri ArcMap Add-in is an extension for Esri’s industry-leading GIS desktop application. LineVision Esri ArcMap Add-in gives GIS professionals an easy way to map, analyze and package geo-referenced video, photos, notes and files in a familiar and traditional Esri mapping environment.

The LineVision Esri ArcMap Add-in supports both geo-referenced video used from GPS-enabled handheld & action, our geoDVR systems, consumer/commercial drones, to as well as MISB Full Motion Video (FMV) / STANAG 4609 compatible video files.

(Please note:  You will need to have Esri’s ArcMap software installed to use the LineVision Esri ArcMap Add-in. If you are not an ArcMap user, you might consider our stand-alone LineVision Desktop application which is designed for non-GIS users who want to leverage Esri data and maps.)

Features & Capabilities

The LineVision Esri ArcMap Add-in offers a complete and unique set of geospatial media and data mapping and reporting capabilities for survey, inspection and surveillance projects.

(Click to expand. Features vary by edition)

  • Playback and View GPS-linked Videos, Photos & Audio on Maps
  • Navigate Video by Clicking on Map GPS Tracks & POI Waypoints
  • Support for Numerous Video & GPS Data File Formats
  • Simultaneously Playback up to 4 Videos from the Same Platform
  • “Automatically” Geotag Videos with Continuous GPS Log Files
  • Click on Maps to “Manually” Geotag Videos without GPS
  • Geotag High-Resolution Oblique Photos in Batch and Individually
  • Optimize Photos and Video Frames for Photogrammetry Tools
  • GPS-enabled Action Cameras like GoPro, Garmin, Sony and More.
  • Multi-Sensor Airborne Gyro-stabilized Gimbal Camera Systems
  • geoDVR Geospatial Video Recorders & Compatible DVRs
  • Drones, Subsea ROVs and other Remote Sensing Video Systems
  • MISB FMV Spec Videos with KLV Encoded Metadata
  • Remote GeoSystems Spec Camera-Target-Footprint (CTF) Videos
  • Easily Prepare DJI Drone Metadata for Esri’s FMV Multiplexer Tool
  • Cut & Splice Geotagged Videos by Clicking on the GPS Track
  • Export Videos with Text, Lat/Long and Logo Overlays
  • Multiplex Up to 4 Video Cameras Feeds into 1 Output File
  • Join Together Different Video Segments with GPS
  • Auto-generate Microsoft Word and Excel Reports
  • Export Text and Lat/Long Overlay into Video Closed Captioning
  • Create, Save and Share geoProjects for other LineVision Versions
  • Export Future Mission Plans as KML
  • Interactive Map Interface Leveraging Esri GIS
  • Esri-based Streets, Imagery, Topo & Oceans Base Maps
  • Add Shapefiles & Raster Imagery and supported KML
  • Stream Maps from ArcGIS Enterprise & ArcGIS Online
  • Add Metadata & Descriptions to Videos, Photos, POIs & More
  • Attach Notes & Files to Map Locations
  • Available Support for Remote Sensing Data Systems
  • Industry-leading DJI Drone Data Mapping & GIS Integration
  • Military UAVs Using the MISB FMV/STANAG KLV Spec
  • Gimbals Using the Remote Geo Camera-Target-Footprint Spec
  • Specialized Subsea ROV Underwater GPS Systems

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Specifications & Requirements

Pricing & License Plans

LineVision Esri ArcMap Add-in is offered in Monthly, Annual and Perpetual license plans. Purchase a license now at our online store or from within the application after downloading the trial. Enterprise licensing is also available.

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Esri ArcMap Add-in

Add-in for Geo-referenced Videos and Photos
$ 49
per month w/ annual plan
  • $59 - Monthly
  • $599 - Yearly
  • $1,550 - Perpetual
  • Enterprise Licensing - Contact

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