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Drone Utility Inspection Solutions

Integrated Enterprise Geospatial Software Solutions for Mapping and Managing Full Motion Video, Photos and other Asset Meta Data from Drone-based Powerline Inspections

Electric utility companies are adopting drones as a very efficient and safe alternative to traditional electric utility inspection work. In many cases, this means costs savings by eliminating the need to deploy highly-skilled linemen and expensive equipment onsite.

Small unmanned aerial vehicles (sUAV) and larger long endurance drones are being equipped with High Definition, UV (corona) and forward looking infrared (FLIR) thermal imaging video sensors and high-resolution still frame cameras. These sensor capabilities offer exceptional utility line, structure, substation and other facility inspection data from affordable and portable UAS platforms.

Using Remote GeoSystems LineVision software suite for inspection, survey and reporting, utility drone operators can now easily create standardized, immersive GIS deliverables for their clients and stakeholders using geotagged videos, photos and reports.

LineVision is a complete suite of integrated GIS software to enable geospatial video analysis, reporting and sharing of UAV video and photo inspection data using existing enterprise mapping programs.

Drone Utility & Powerline Applications

  • T&D Structures
  • Power Lines
  • Substations
  • Storm Outages
  • Cell Towers
  • Smokestacks
  • Windmill Blades
  • Vegetation Issues
  • Solar Farms
  • Coal Ash Repositories
  • Avian Management

LineVision Software for Drone Power Line Inspections

Our LineVision software offers flexible options for building and sharing interactive powerline inspection & right-of-way georeferenced video and photo deliverables, including support for the rapidly-growing, industry-standard geoProject™ format.

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