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Geotag and Playback Video with GPS Data & Maps
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Geospatial Full Motion Video Recorders and Moving Map Systems for Survey, Inspection & Surveillance Platforms
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Map, Share & Manage Drone Videos, Photos & Survey Project Data with LineVision Software
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What We Do

Remote GeoSystems develops professional geospatial video & full motion video mapping software and GPS-enabled video recorder systems for critical infrastructure survey, inspection and surveillance mapping and reporting.

We offer a variety of solutions to easily geotag, map, share, archive & search geo-referenced videos, photos and other location-based project files from data collection platforms.

Our rugged geoDVR video recording systems and integrated LineVision software options are ideal for airborne, drone, vehicle and marine mapping surveys, real-time situational awareness and post-mission mapping.

Geospatial Video Mapping Software & Recorders

Geospatial Video & Photo Mapping Software

Professional Software Applications for Mapping Geospatial Full Motion Video and Other Data from Inspection, Patrol, Survey & Surveillance Sensor Data Collection Operations

Geospatial Full Motion Video Recorders

For projects needing professional georeferenced video data collection, our industry-leading geoDVR systems record full motion video while logging continuous GPS location and other critical metadata.

Georeference Videos from Any Platform

Turnkey Solutions to Record and Map MISB FMV / STANAG 4609 & Geospatial Video from Aerial, Land & Marine Survey, Inspection and Surveillance Platforms


Airborne Geospatial Video Recorders and Real-time/Post-flight GIS FMV Mapping Software


Software and Hardware Solutions for Small UAS and BVLOS Drone Survey, Inspection and Surveillance


Georeferencing Marine Video Recorder Systems and GIS Software for Subsea ROVs & Surface Vessels


Rugged Mobile Vehicle GPS Digital Video Recorders & Transportation Mapping & Survey Solutions


GIS Video Solutions for Positive Train Control (PTC) Data Collection and Track & Railway Asset Mapping


Software to Geotag and Playback Video from Action Cameras, Body-worn and Handheld Sensors

Latest News & Updates

Featured Solutions

Offering the Most Advanced DJI Drone Full Motion Video Solutions

Now you can use LineVision Desktop - Ultimate edition to geotag and convert your DJI drone video into Esri ArcMap & ArcGIS Pro MISB FMV/STANAG 4609 compatible files.

Check Out the New LineVision Online

Now you can aggregate all of your project data online or on-premise. New options available for Individuals, Teams and Enterprise.

Upgrade / Retro-fit Gimbal Cameras

Our geoDVR systems provide value-added video mission data solutions for recording MISB FMV / STANAG 4609 Metadata as well as our Remote GeoSystems "Camera-Target -Footprint" (CTF) Protocol

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