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Railway Video Survey & Mapping Solutions

Geospatial Full Motion Video Recorders, Moving Maps and Integrated Mapping Software for Rail Survey, Inspection & Maintenance Operations

Rail transportation networks span thousands of miles/kilometers with ever-changing asset and adjacent wayside property conditions that must be consistently monitored, inventoried and followed up on using GIS (Geospatial Information Systems).

Freight and passenger rail operators, transit agencies, and their contractors are realizing the value of utilizing geospatial or “GPS-referenced” HD video as a powerful, yet very economical tool for specialized and routine track & wayside asset inspections and surveys.

Whether trying to meet 7.2 foot feature location accuracy for Positive Train Control (PTC) requirements or performing routine wayside, track and signal inspections, our geoDVR and LineVision Rail Video solutions reduce costs, risks and on-track time for field engineers and and increase the productivity of back-office GIS teams.

geoDVR Railway Full Motion Video Recorders

Our rugged geoDVR systems record and continuously geo-reference video from multiple camera sensors; including gimbal and fixed-mount cameras. Small in size, weight and power (SWaP), geoDVRs can be used on most aircraft and are easily configured with specialized modules for different camera sensors and missions.

Railway Mission & Project Mapping Software

Our LineVision software options set the standard for railway operations needing a user-friendly professional mapping software solution for geo-referenced video playback, analysis, reporting, archive and search capabilities for stakeholders.

Proven Video Systems for Railway Video Survey & Mapping

Turn-key Solutions to Record and Map Geospatial Full Motion Video Including MISB FMV / STANAG 4609-spec Video Files from Professional Railroad Survey, Mapping and Inspection Platforms.

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