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Nikon Camera Control

Optional geoDVR Module for Remote Control, Triggering and Geotagging of Nikon DSLR Still Cameras Connected to the geoDVR/geoDSR Geospatial Data Recorders.

The geoDVR Nikon Camera Control Module allows operators with gimbal and fixed-mounted Nikon DSLR still cameras the option of configuring/controlling/previewing the camera operation via the geoDVR or geoDSR touchscreen instead of holding the actual camera body or using a separate laptop/mission computer.

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Compatible geoDVR Models

The following geoDVR models offer the optional Nikon Camera Control Module.

Other geoDVR Modules

Explore other optional geoDVR modules for enhanced in-flight mission capabilities and metadata capture requirements for a variety of geospatial full motion video data collection applications.

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