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Mapping Software

Professional Applications for Mapping Geospatial Full Motion Video and Other Data from Inspection, Patrol, Survey & Surveillance Sensor Data Collection Operations

LineVision Software Suite

LineVision is a comprehensive suite of desktop software, extensions and enterprise web applications for mapping and managing geo-referenced full motion video, photos and other sensor data from survey, inspection & surveillance projects.  

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Stand-alone Geospatial Software for Video, Photo and Document Geotagging, Playback, Analysis and Project Reporting with GIS Maps and Data.
LineVision Esri ArcMap Add-in Logo Small
An Esri ArcMap Add-in for Playback, Analysis and Project Reporting with Geo-referenced Videos, Photos & Documents.
LineVision Google Earth Extension Logo Small
A Google Earth Extension for Playback, Analysis and Project Reporting with Geo-tagged Videos, Photos, Documents and KML Data.
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Enterprise Web-based Application for Collaboration, Search, Reporting and Archiving Geo-referenced Videos, Photos & Other Project Data in the Cloud or On-premise.
LineVision PLS-CADD Plugin Logo Small
A Plugin for Power Line Systems' PLS-CADD Software to View Geo-referenced Videos and Photos Associated with ROW & Structure Drawings.

Video GeoTagger & Video GeoEditor Software

Consumer Video Geotagging, Playback & Editing Software

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Video GeoTagger™ allows anyone to easily geo-reference ANY video for interactive map playback with or without a GPS log file - starting at FREE!
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Video GeoEditor™ allows users to simply click on a GPS map track to edit geotagged videos and keep the continuous GPS data synchronized - and much more!

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