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Aerial Pipeline Patrol Video Mapping Solutions

Geospatial Full Motion Video Recorders, Moving Maps and Integrated Mapping Software for Aerial Pipeline Patrol, Inspection & Survey Operations

Regulatory agencies require oil, gas & chemical pipeline operators to conduct periodic aerial pipeline patrol and inspection flights to detect risks to the pipeline & ROW, general public and natural environment. The prospects of natural disasters, security threats and product theft require even greater pipeline monitoring diligence.

Video has become an efficient and acceptable method for documenting current conditions along a pipeline ROW. By adding GPS and time data to the video, specialists and end-users can have access to video frames by clicking on a flight track on a map.

Aerial pipeline patrol operators use our industry-leading geoDVR™ airborne video recorder to geotag video from multiple cameras & sensors for routine patrols and comprehensive leak detection and right-of-way integrity surveys.

Post-mission, pipeline integrity specialists and GIS analysts use our LineVision™ video mapping and gas leak data software solutions to help them drastically reduce the post-flight mapping and reporting process using the geoProject™ reporting method.

Whether you are using just a hand-held FLIR, fixed-mount cameras or an aircraft-mounted gimbal sensor, we have solutions that enable companies, vendors and other stakeholders to view and share this data throughout their workflows using existing GIS mapping systems like the Esri ArcGIS platform and Google Earth.

Aerial Pipeline Patrol Solutions

Geospatial Full Motion Video Recorders for Aerial Pipeline Patrol

Our geoDVR family of rugged video recorders is the industry-leading geospatial video and MISB FMV data collection system for capturing continuously geo-referenced video and audio from both fixed-mount and purpose-built multi-sensor pipeline patrol & leak detection gimbal cameras.

Geospatial Inspection Software Applications for Aerial Pipeline Patrol

For over a decade our LineVision software suite has set the standard for airborne pipeline operations needing a user-friendly, enterprise-grade mapping solution for post-flight geospatial video/photo viewing, analysis, reporting, archive and search.

geoDVRs & Modules for Airborne Pipeline Patrol

Our geoDVR systems are available in different form factors and configurations to meet a variety of in-flight aerial pipeline patrol & leak detection camera/sensor integrations and workflows.

Our optional geoDVR modules offer flexible and scalable capabilities for meeting enhanced in-flight asset metadata capture requirements for aerial pipeline patrols & leak detection.

LineVision Software for Aerial Pipeline Patrol

Our LineVision software offers flexible options for building and sharing interactive post-flight aerial pipeline patrol, leak detection & right-of-way geo-referenced video and photo deliverables.

Pipeline Gas Leak Detection System (LDS) Integration

Remote GeoSystems can also incorporate data from specialized airborne gas leak detection system manufacturers into our geoDVR recorders and LineVision software, offering a complete solution from data collection hardware to GIS map-based reporting and archive solutions.

Aerial Pipeline Patrol Applications

  • Thermal IR & Pipeline Leak Detection
  • Pipeline Right-of-Way (ROW) Corridor Patrols
  • Damage Prevention Programs
  • Environmental & Emission Monitoring
  • ROW Vegetation Management & Clearing
  • Pipeline & Oilfield Security
  • Construction Life Cycle Monitoring
  • HCA Assessments & GIS Updates

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