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Sales Terms & Warranties

Sales Terms


Remote GeoSystems highly encourages potential customers to utilize free software trials, user forums, contact us for demos and/or request more information and support if needed, etc. before purchasing software.

Given the presale opportunities described above, Remote GeoSystems strictly adheres to the policy that ALL SOFTWARE SALES ARE FINAL.

There are no exchanges on software. Customers subscribed to Monthly or Annual plans and Perpetual customers with a software maintenance plan, are eligible for updates as they become available.

geoDVR Return Material Authorization (RMA)

You MUST obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) from a Remote GeoSystems Technician before returning any geoDVR hardware. No hardware refunds will be given after 7 calendar days of receiving your order. You are encouraged to inspect and test the unit immediately upon receiving your order. The Remote GeoSystem’s exchange policy falls under the Standard Warranty Terms. The Standard Warranty Terms for the geoDVR are as follows:

geoDVR Standard Warranty Terms

All new geoDVR systems built by Remote GeoSystems, Inc., except for the exclusions listed below, are warranted to be free from defects in hardware, but no other warranty, expressed or implied, is made by the seller unless expressly set forth. Any and all special equipment or any other modifications manufactured to customers’ specifications are performance guaranteed only to the extent specifically agreed upon in writing between buyer and seller.

Subject to the exclusions noted below, Remote GeoSystems, Inc. warrants its geoDVR to be free from defects in hardware for a period of one hundred eighty (180) days from the date of shipment from Remote GeoSystems, Inc.

Remote GeoSystems, Inc. shall have absolutely no obligation or liability under this warranty;

1. For special, indirect or consequential personal or property damage arising from the failure of its equipment.
2. If the equipment is operated with any accessory, equipment or attachment not specifically approved by Remote GeoSystems, Inc.
3. If the equipment was not installed, operated or maintained in accordance to Remote GeoSystems, Inc. installation maintenance/instructions.
4. If the equipment was not used or operated under normal industry applications.
5. If the equipment was serviced, repaired, altered or modified in any way.
6. Except to the extent of the dollar value of the hardware component being returned for warranty consideration only.

Exclusions – The following are excluded from the warranty:

1. Software
2. Disk drives and disk drive connectors attaching the drive(s) to the geoDVR casing and/or the motherboard
3. External cabling

The customer must notify Remote GeoSystems, Inc. of all warranty claims within fifteen (15) days after the discovery thereof.

Any unit shipped back to the factory for warranty repair must have prior Remote GeoSystems, Inc. notification and approval for the return or the unit will be refused and shipped back to the customer at their expense.

Units submitted for warranty consideration must be returned to Remote GeoSystems, Inc. freight prepaid. All transportation, shipping, freight, etc. charges, both inbound and outbound, are the responsibility of the customer.

All units sent to Remote GeoSystems, Inc. must have a valid shipping ticket detailing purchase order number, customer and address, telephone number, person to contact, part number and serial number, complaint or squawk and return routing instructio