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Remote GeoSystems Release LineVision to Leverage Geotagged Video and Photos within Industry-leading PLS-CADD Software


FORT COLLINS, Colorado, USA — Remote GeoSystems, Inc. is pleased to announce the official commercial release of LineVision for PLS-CADD software.

LineVision for PLS-CADD is the only “vendor-agnostic” geospatial video extension for the World’s foremost design and maintenance CADD software for Power Transmission and Distribution Utilities. LineVision for PLS-CADD allows users to click on a specific point along your Right of Way (ROW) asset corridor in PLS-CADD, and then easily review color, Infrared (IR) and corona (UV) video, as well as digital oblique photos – geographically associated with that point.

Recently announced at the biennial PLS-CADD User Group Meeting in Madison, Wisconsin, typical uses of LineVision for PLS-CADD might include: right-of-way planning and design, construction lifecycle management, asset inspections, maintenance and storm restoration, compliance with recent NERC mandates and as a digital imaging supplement to LiDAR corridor mapping.

A Ubiquitous Tool Kit

LineVision is unique among other video and photo extensions for PLS-CADD in that it is NOT tied to a specific aerial survey company’s services and technologies. In addition, it uses a true geospatial video format (created in mission at the time of data collection) for matching visual imagery to a structures location – not the less accurate “time-sync” process used by most survey vendors. LineVision is designed to work with the two most popular commercial off-the-self (COTS) geospatial digital video recorders, including Remote Geosystems’ own forthcoming geoDVR. Now, with just a small investment in a compatible geospatial DVR and the LineVision PLS-CADD software extension, power companies can use company-owned aircraft or contract their vendor of choice to create their own visual remote sensing work products that might otherwise costs tens of thousands of dollars in contracts with specialized aerial survey vendors.

Unprecedented Functionality

Since LineVision was created by a true technology and software company so the Remote GeoSystems development team was free to focus on building additional functionality that provides the most value to power company end users. Notable features include:

  • Unique “Quick Scan” feature lets users easily preview video clips for any point along the line segment in the PLS-CADD project by hovering over a point and clicking the “L” hot key
  • “Map Viewer” interface provides users an intuitive reference for where the videos and photos were taken and where they are being viewed during post mission analysis
  • “Dual Video Viewer” for analysis of multiple video streams such as multi-sensor gimbal cameras with color and IR/corona or multiple camera angles such as Nadir and oblique
  • Support for multiple video formats including MPEG4, MPEG2, .MOV and .AVI
  • “Image Snap” lets users snap and save a geotagged digital still image from the motion video
  • “Photo Finder” lets user easily search and review high resolution oblique still images by simply right-clicking on a location in the “Map Viewer” – photos are then returned based on a user-defined radius of the click point.
  • Included “Photo Geotagger” tool allows users to automatically reassign Lat/Lon data to a .jpeg images to a structure’s location vs. where it was actually taken. Users may also assign Lat/Lon data to previously un-geotagged photos
  • Customizable interface lets users save their preferred layout to maximize workspace productivity


About Power Line Systems PLS-CADD

PLS-CADD is the most powerful overhead power line design program on the market. PLS-CADD runs under Microsoft Windows and features an easy to use graphical user interface. It integrates all aspects of line design into a single stand-alone program with a simple, logical, consistent interface. No other program can match the sophisticated engineering capabilities available in PLS-CADD. This sophistication and integration leads to more cost-effective designs being produced in only a fraction of the time required by traditional methods. The PLS-CADD solution is so clearly superior to any alternative that it has been adopted by more than 1000 organizations in over 100 countries.

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