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Remote GeoSystems Releases MISB FMV Module for the geoDVR Geospatial Video Recorder


FORT COLLINS, Colorado – Remote GeoSystems, Inc., a global provider of geospatial video recorders and mapping software for survey, inspection and reporting, announces the release and availability of the new geoDVR MISB FMV module for the direct recording of video with MISB FMV/STANAG 4609 compliant location metadata from airborne gyro-stabilized gimbal camera systems.

MISB FMV, or Motion Imagery Standards Board Full Motion Video, is a geospatial video format widely-adopted by military and defense communities around the globe for airborne ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) and targeting applications from manned aircraft and drones. Over that last few years this standard (aka STANAG 4609 KLV) has gained popularity in the commercial work for helicopter, fixed-wing and drone aerial surveys and inspections. Common applications in the commercial and government sectors include comprehensive electric transmission line inspections, pipeline right-of-way patrols, aerial firefighting and environmental conservation.

By recording MISB-compliant metadata within the video, Remote GeoSystems post-flight LineVision Desktop software can then use the geoDVR MISB data to calculate and display a dynamic “footprint” along with the camera target frame center. The resulting display shows the video frame footprint moving on the map. This capability provides analysts and subject matter experts a more accurate location of asset conditions or situational awareness on the ground, as observed from a remote aircraft location.

In addition to enabling the MISB Full Motion Video to be displayed in the Remote GeoSystems LineVision Desktop suite, this additional capability also provides commercial and defense operators with an affordable and simple geospatial DVR system for capturing multi-camera video content compatible with other popular 3rd party FMV applications like the Esri FMV Add-In, PAR GV3.0, FalconView and other widely-adopted mission planning and processing, exploitation and dissemination (PED) software.

“The airborne industry has been asking for an affordable, yet military-grade MISB-compatible video recorder for commercial and government work along with simple post-mission reporting software pricing options” says Remote GeoSystems managing director, Jeff Dahlke. “We are pleased to now offer this complete solution and look forward to working with gimbal camera manufacturers to bring the additional back-office GIS integration value to their systems with LineVision.”

The MISB FMV geoDVR module is already being used with a Trakka Systems 300 Triple that is beginning production work this fall for comprehensive helicopter utility line inspections.


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