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Remote GeoSystems Releases the geoVISE Kit for Simple Geospatial Full Motion Video Recording from Laptops


FORT COLLINS, Colorado, USA — Remote GeoSystems, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the geoVISE (Geospatial Video Input Stream Encoding) Kit. The geoVISE Kit is a combination of specially-designed software and hardware that allows you to record geo-referenced digital video in aerial or mobile environments using a Windows-based laptop or rugged mini PC.

Simply connect most any video camera or gyro-stabilized gimbal system to the geoVISE encoder and mobile PC along with the included GPS receiver, and in seconds you are capturing your mission with geographically-intelligent digital video and point of interest (POI) analysis.

By recording a GPS data stream synced with video, the geoVISE Kit offers endless possibilities for commercial, civil and defense users who need to extract location-based information from video including exact details on where, when and what.

Videos, photos, waypoints and notes you collect with the geoVISE Kit are compatible with Remote GeoSystems’ LineVision suite of video mapping software as well as some third-party applications.

Professional applications include:

  • Power Line & Pipeline Inspections
  • Subsea ROV Construction & Maintenance
  • UAV/Drone & Terrestrial Unmanned Systems
  • Aerial LiDAR and Mobile Mapping Projects
  • Border Security & Narcotics Interdiction
  • Road & Railway Corridor Assessment
  • Humanitarian & Emergency Response
  • Military Mission Planning & Review


Featuring Powerful Geospatial Video Recording:

  • Visual status indicators tell you when video and GPS are logging successfully and which options are enabled
  • Choose between MP4 (H.264) and AVI (MJPEG) output file format
  • Save geo-tagged digital still images from the geospatial full motion video (gFMV) while recording
  • Mark points of interest (POI) with audio, typed notes and still photos – for easy review in LineVision software
  • Automatically create folders with your video recordings – organized by the date you recorded them
  • Save data as a .geoSolution project or “Pack & Go” (.RGS) file for easy team collaboration and data portability



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