Geotag DJI Video Using the Flight Record Log TXT File

Open DJI drone closed caption video in Video GeoTagger PRO and LineVision Desktop, ArcMap Add-in, Google Earth Extension & LineVision Online. Some DJI UAV models do not have SRT file logging options so this is an easy alternative in PRO that lets you import with a few less steps than using the flight record log […]

Camera Target Footprint (CFT) Video Support for DJI Drones

How To Banner Image - DJI Drone Video MISB FMV STANAG 4609 ArcGIS Pro

DJI drone users can now leverage the wealth of metadata provided in the Flight Record Log TXT files to geotag video and view where the camera is pointing on the ground with an outline “camera target footprint” representing the content of the video and the camera frame center on the Earth. This provides similar capabilities […]

Geotag DJI Drone Video with Flight Record Log .TXT & .SRT Files

This video shows you how to “Automatically Geotag” Geotag DJI Drone Videos Flight Record Log TXT file along with the video’s SRT File. By using the video’s SRT file, you can often take the guesswork out of geotagging by trying to match a frame in the video with a location point on  Flight Record Log […]

Remote GeoSystems Awarded 1st US Patent for “Video Geo-editing” Technology, Protecting the “Extract and Splice” Feature Capabilities

FORT COLLINS, Colorado, USA – Remote GeoSystems, Inc., a global provider of immersive geospatial full motion video and survey data mapping software and recorder solutions, is pleased to announce the award of US Patent Number 10,893,287 on January 12, 2021 for essential elements of “video geo-editing” technology capabilities. The patent covers map-based GPS data and […]

Remote Geosystems Updates LineVision Online Enterprise with Enhanced Support for DJI Drone Full Motion Video Camera Metadata and Field of View Mapping in the Cloud

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Remote GeoSystems, Inc., a global provider of immersive geospatial video, photo and survey data mapping software and recorder solutions, is pleased to announce enhanced support for visualizing and mapping DJI drone video camera metadata and field-of-view projection in LineVision Online. LineVision Online is Remote GeoSystems secure, privately-deployed web application for immersive mapping, analysis, search, sharing […]

Report Generation with LineVision Desktop – Ultimate

Our LineVision Desktop – Ultimate edition software includes a convenient way of generating “document” reports in the Microsoft Word and Excel format. These reports provide a detailed mission summary that is ready to be delivered to your client, including details such as the map of the route, waypoints, notes and annotations. These reports can be […]

How To Save Video GPS Track as a CSV Compatible with Esri’s FMV Multiplexer

With the latest release of our LineVision Desktop – Ultimate and Professional edition software, users can now export video and GPS tracks as a CSV file compatible with the Esri FMV Multiplexer tool. This allows for the geospatial metadata to then be run through either Esri’s ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap FMV multiplexer tool to generate […]

Enhance DJI Photos & Video Frame Grabs for Faster Pix4D Processing

Drastically speed up the processing of your DJI imagery in Pix4D and related photogrammetry software. Initial testing has shown the additional metadata provided by the LineVision Desktop output CSV to be up to 10x faster than only using the traditional geotagged photos. Check out the video below to learn more. Related Software Products Check out […]

Best Practices for Map-based HD Video Playback

Best Practices Banner Image - Map-based HD Video Playback

With a growing need for higher-quality video footage with geospatial recording systems, it is important to consider the performance impact the higher quality settings create. Codec Resolution Framerate GPS Data Collection Rate (for geospatial playback, such as in our LineVision titles) Codec H.264 is one of the most popular codecs being used today, with a […]